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  • [Update v55] Fixes

    Ruin - - News and Announcements


    Quote from Turessi: “sins where 3.33 shouldnt they be 2.86 now? lol they are 2.50 3.33 DEMON spark and 0 dmg fix pls ” sins were 5 aps, now 4 aps lol

  • [Update v55] Fixes

    Ruin - - News and Announcements


    lootbox drop rate will be reverted to how it was and war letter chance will be reduced slightly

  • Quote from Swoon: “Quote from ATX: “Quote from Namari: “Quote from ATX: “not adding the useless stats back ._. just adding the defense stats back ( rmdt rpdt ) ” Ooh, gotcha.The return of the tank wizard. xD ” gears cant be switched in combat ” Can weapons be switched in combat at least? That's all I switch anyway... ” yes

  • Quote from Rull: “Bummer. Not sure why do that in general instead of just doing it for certain types of gear, like we had def gear before... ” it was most popular demand / suggestion sent by players. and why does it matter like i said gears are locked and ppl have something to do again. u might not feel the need to do anything but majority of ppl left cuz they had nothing to do and pk once a day and sometimes non a day.

  • Quote from Namari: “Quote from ATX: “not adding the useless stats back ._. just adding the defense stats back ( rmdt rpdt ) ” Ooh, gotcha. The return of the tank wizard. xD ” gears cant be switched in combat

  • IT IS FINALLY HERE.. THE PATCH! (first part of it) The reason it took so long is because of the recent event in which one of the developers went rogue, Striker had to re-do everything to make sure they has no access back in, and had to ensure there are no exploits left behind. He even re-did the whole GS (every update that included changes in GS was remade). In addition to what's written above, his internet was an obstacle like it has always been. We didn't really get to include everything we ha…

  • Quote from Pyschedelic: “Fashion patch!11!1!!!!11! ” not adding any body fashion on this patch cuz the patch is already big if i add the fashions i got stored will take 2 hours to patch lul

  • not adding the useless stats back ._. just adding the defense stats back ( rmdt rpdt )

  • Quote from Nobody.: “Remove Kermo's big head, is making server lag ” Thats gay

  • Quote from Pyschedelic: “What do you mean by redoing everything? new gears or gears will be same like the current ones we have? because u know fuck farm ” changing farming system adding new upgrades giving new things to do to keep ppl from "getting bored" there will be actual farming involved but not too hard. Pking will also get u stuff as in u will get rewords randomly upon killing players ( alts wont work )

  • Quote from Bea: “Good luck but I still feel that reopening with a entirely new system is the only way. ” we are sorta redoing everything with a entirely new system but u get to keep few of ur gears. Striker is having a lot of issues with internet guys X.x hence the delays

  • Quote from Mihails: “Yey, post removed again. Fucking communists ” Ofc its removed i made this thread to inform whats happening since ppl asking "where server" every single day. If ur not one of them then this thread wasnt made for u stop flooding it with ur unrelated conerns. Go make another thread with ur bs, not here.

  • Quote from Rull: “I mean I'm sure you understand that those of us who have invested countless hours on our current sets, and trying to get them to perfection even when everyone else has stopped playing, would be worried. ” dont worry u wont lose ur stats u have atm on armor and weapon at least.

  • Quote from Rull: “What's the point on gear locking if there's no more def sets? It takes away from diversity (i.e switching from aps/dph mid combat etc) I do not find an issue with the SS being there as every other server seems to have it now so I think it'd be pointless. I say keep it ” we are planning to return to the old gear style with all type of stats available for you which seemed most balanced and popular with freedom of all types of builds. that's why we are doing gear locking. only the…

  • first of all pls stop asking for patch everyday we will say its here when its here + not like the server is offline its still online and u can still play no one stopping u from playing. i will try to update whats really happening and the progress. things planned for are about 80% done. a cool new map nobody ever seen is being included with new npcs and mobs and a whole new farming system, its wat has been the most time consuming thing ever been done... striker has been doing that all by himself …

  • tilted need challenge guys also im selling nfc for nt xd

  • only SB Needed the physical def tbh since their buff only works against melee attacks its totally useless on a high cast server lul Ep is like impossible to kill now with the def boost and psychic in white voodoo can go afk and not die xdd

  • The texture pack itself is 2gb ijs

  • Quote from Teru: “Quote from Icon: “Bring back old Nexus Gear (from 1.5 years ago, that's when I last played at least). That gear was actually pretty balanced with no major issues, compared to how things are now. No one really complained about the old gear in the past, why'd you remove it in the first place. ” The gear was pretty much a copy of epic back then. I think it was balanced until people started scripting and ruined the balance with insane def ” dont bother man i tried telling them but …

  • Quote from Esofication: “New Patch means we're getting a real decent gm right? ” asking the real question here xd