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  • Lmao SB not touched. Hell, it lost def. #FuckNon-MainstreamClasses

  • [Update v52] A storm is coming!

    Rair - - Patch Notes


    >A storm is coming Where is STORMbringer fix?????? HUEHUEHUE

  • Quote from Shae: “Quote from Butthead: “Very close to balanced gameplay, but you guys are going wrong way. ” People always tell us we're doing the wrong thing, but then they never decide on whats the right thing. Either that or they offer suggestions that can't be done. ” You need a revamp rather than slight adjustments. How about you make a plan of the balance for all 12 classes now that SkillSender came into play, like Archer should kill X class, lose to X class, draw against X class. You can …

  • Quote from Deno: “Quote from Kera: “ea defense nerf was needed tho, it wasn't enough, ea's are supposed to be cannon glasses in 1v1, and relatively tanky in mass pk due to full buffs.. you should nerf there defense some more, but in exchange you have to boost their atk back up relatively high! and ea is supposed to shred through any thing. but ends up dead too if caught unaware in 6 seconds ” shoulda removed 15 def lvl from ea and give it 10 atk lvl to compensate for it, that would seperate good…

  • Quote from DogCatcher: “Quote from MokoLoko: “Roflmao just delete EA. You nerf them every patch anyway. You plan to nerf EA til everyone play sin then nerf sin then buff EA? XDDD ” LOL Nerfing EA in each patch fkn hilarious ” As if this tiny nerf will do much anyway. Play a class that is challenging to use and doesn't just spam random skills. Then you get to complain about any nerfs.