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Your Rights - You have power too

    • Your Rights - You have power too

      Hello, We've noticed that some players aren't aware of how things actually are, we're here to serve you, GMs are here to help you with your problems.

      A few important points in a Game Master's job :
      • Answer your questions.
      • Offer help in any way possible.
      • Treat everyone equally.
      • Offer help to your problems.
      Your rights :
      • Report any GM that mistreats you.
      • Report any GM who ignores you for no valid reason.
      • Report any power abuse.
      • Befriend GMs instead of going on offense.
      • Have fun.

      You can contact me to report anything about anyone, but keep in mind that :
      • Sometimes, you can be wrong.
      • Staff members love all players, it is a requirement when joining staff not to use the position for anything personal.
      • Staff members are humans, they will make mistakes, they will misjudge, you'll misunderstand them but in the end, we love all players.
      • Staff members have bad days, some days X GM might be having it bad, don't provoke, try to understand.
      • Staff members also come from the same community, everyone's here to have fun.

      Make love not war.

      will rise.
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