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Pinned [Update v48] Releasing independent SS - Removing implemented one

  • [Update v48] Releasing independent SS - Removing implemented one

    Hello, as our plan has faced an issue with false-positives, we've decided to cancel it and release a split program that does the same job.
    In parallel to that decision, we've also decided to create a custom gameguard (project started, no ETA) to replace the default pwprotection, which will increase our options against game hacks.

    Application : link
    Virustotal : link
    Source code : link
    More info about the false positives + screenshot of Premium Norton scan ( @Rokuro )
    Important (CLICK) - Info

    About the scan, Qihoo-360 and SentinelOne (Static ML) apparently do the same detection for any application compiled in Visual Studio, try it out your self, create an empty C# forms project, compile default form, scan and you'll trigger those 2.
    As for the 3rd, it is because the program has code and calls to allow it to use the client's memory stream (read and write) along with packets sending.
    If you still don't trust the release, either read the source, double confirm (as it is already confirmed) that it is clean, compile and use.

    A.V. freak @Rokuro Premium Norton Scan : :pinkguy:

    Windows Defender :pinkguy:

    Usage :
    Open client, log in, enter game, run application and click connect.

    The application wasn't purely made by us, neither by the one credited, but the source has been reviewed and is clean, you can check it your self (either read the .cs files or launch the project solution file via Visual Studio)
    Crediting M.

    Note : the other public program does not support db/sb (this one is fixed to do).
    In simple words, implemented SS is canceled, download and use the application linked above instead.

    will rise.
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