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Announcement [Update v53-54] The Epic Patch - Part I

    • [Update v53-54] The Epic Patch - Part I

      IT IS FINALLY HERE.. THE PATCH! (first part of it)

      The reason it took so long is because of the recent event in which one of the developers went rogue, Striker had to re-do everything to make sure they has no access back in, and had to ensure there are no exploits left behind.
      He even re-did the whole GS (every update that included changes in GS was remade).
      In addition to what's written above, his internet was an obstacle like it has always been.

      We didn't really get to include everything we had hoped to include in this patch like some really cool custom content including a whole new huge map (bigger than main map) which has a lot of new zones and places to fight for. The reason we decided to postpone those is because we do not want the patch to take more time. That is why this thread is called "Part I".

      Before we get to listing the content of this patch, we'd like to apologize for the delay, but look at the bright side, there hasn't been a wipe like every other time, since we've worked and obtained ways to edit almost everything. It is true that the team has decreased in size, but it has not decreased in quality! Every member will continue doing his best to serve you.
      That is also why recruitment is open again, if you're a veteran Nexus player your chances are higher.

      Special thanks to Dexter / Swink for producing this amazing promo video!!!

      Patch Notes :

      New items and Materials :
      All new items and mats / exchange can be found at Striker NPC located at the middle of West Archo.

      - Nexus Coins have been renamed to Silver Coins.
      - Nexus Tokens have been renamed to Gold Coins.
      - Introducing the new main currency Nexus Royal Token (can be exchanged for Gold Coins at Striker NPC or farmed in Nirvana l).
      - Diamond Medals have been renamed to Engraving Pearls.
      - New Item All-rounder genie token has been added to Striker NPC used to make All-rounder genie at Genie NPC at West Archo.
      - New Item War Letter has been added to Striker NPC, used to make new tome.
      - Donation custom weapon fashions can now be crafted at Exclusive Weapon Fashion NPC at West Archo (528,648).
      - New item Exclusive Fashion Token has been added to Striker NPC, it is used to craft exclusive weapon fashion.
      - Prices and material requirements has been changed for everything, make sure you check them out, all NPCs located around the center of West Archo.
      - PvP emblems are no longer of any use (PvP helmets are crafted with Nexus Royal Tokens at Nexus Gears 1 NPC).
      - Items have been moved around and organized.
      - New Nexus Lootbox has been added which is a pack that gives EVERY NEW rare item mentioned above (including Exclusive Fashion Token)

      Gear Changes :

      - Nexus Armors now can have all the defensive stats (Excluding Physical/Magical Def %).
      - Old defense gears were removed.
      - Ornament Engrave now includes Reduced Magical or Phyiscal Damage Taken (2%).
      - Set bonuses for all gears were reverted but some were edited again (will be changed occasionally depending on needs) :
      • Archer lost 10 Att lvl from set bonus
      • Assassins lost 10 Att lvl from set bonus
      • Duskblade lost 10 Att lvl from set bonus
      • Wizzard lost 5 Att lvl from set bonus
      - Ornaments can now have 2 sockets using Accessory Socket Stone (located at Striker NPC middle of West Archo - Nexus Exchange -> shards tab).
      - Ornaments shards have been added to Striker NPC as well.
      • Battlement Stone Dex (Dex +15)
      • Battlement Stone Magic (Magic +15)
      • Battlement Stone Str (Str +15)
      - New Tome Act of War has been added to Nexus Gears 2 Located at West Archo (525,654) can be made with the item War letter.
      - Old blessings were removed and new ones been added only for Archer and Ep. Found at Nexus Gears 2.

      New farming instance :

      We had hoped to add more farming instances but we'll be putting a pause on that till next patch, but for now the main farming instance will be :
      - Nirvana
      You need 2 in squad both with Nirvana Palace Key to enter and start the Nirvana trial.
      Each room will have a boss to defeat in order to advance to the next room. Each boss drops Nexus Royal Token, Silver Coins, Nexus Lootbox and Engraving Pearls.
      The further you get, the more the bosses drop. (7 rooms/bosses total)
      Each boss is unique, more information in Nirvana Bosses Guide.
      The instance can be solo'd but you still need 2 in squad to enter.
      - Daily BH will also grant Nexus Lootbox.

      PvP Change :

      - All 4 pieces of body armors can no longer be switched in combat.

      Custom Contents added : New Exclusive Weapon fashion :
      • Fire Wheel Dual Axes
      • Blue Aura Dual Axes
      • Hell Fire Bow
      • Devil's Eye Slingshot
      • Purple Mist Sword
      • Sword of Pure Darkness
      • Blue Illusion Glaive
      Notes :
      • The patch is big in size because the map is included in it, it will be patched to your clients but won't be accessible. We will finalize it and activate it in the next patches.
      • We've added 2 EU links (which have been tested by EU players whom confirmed it is beneficial), we'll see how that goes.
      • The pings you see in-game are not accurate, to see your real ping : open task manager -> performance tab -> open resource monitor -> network tab -> TCP Connections list -> read latency next to elementclient.exe.
      • You might experience some lags (EU) while people are patching.
      • v54 : re-uploaded missing models (services were fine).

      Be assured, no matter what it takes, Nexus will remain open with the team doing their best to serve you.
      - Nexus Team.